An organisation that fights for full British citizenship and EU citizenship for all British Nationals (Overseas)

British Nationality Act 1981



Is the law of the UK that concerns citizenship and other categories of British nationality.

By The National Archives

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European Convention on Human Rights



Is an international treaty to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms in Europe.

By Council of Europe

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights


Is a multilateral treaty adopted by the United Nations committing its parties to respect the rights of individuals.

By United Nations

Citizenship Review by Lord Goldsmith QC



Reviewed the current British Nationality Law and suggested that other residual categories of British nationals should be granted right of abode in the UK.

By Lord Goldsmith QC

The Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union


Goes into deeper detail on the role, policies and operation of the EU. EU citizenship is established in part two of the treaty.

By European Union

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Guide to Passport renewals if youˇ¦re registered British National (Overseas)


Is a guide to renew BN(O) passport in Hong Kong.

By British Consulate-General Hong Kong

The Hong Kong (British Nationality) Order 1986


Is the law to create the new status of BN(O) for British Dependent Territories Citizens of Hong Kong.

By The National Archives

Freedom to move and live in Europe: A guide to your rights as an EU citizen



The guide should help you better understand your rights when moving within the European Union and give your detailed practical guidance.

By European Commission