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Please note that immigration laws are subject to change from time to time. We strongly recommend that you should check with your travel agents or diplomatic missions of the country concerned for confirmation before your journey.

Foreign travel advice

Includes the latest travel advice by country, your rights at the airport and getting help abroad.

By Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Support for British nationals abroad : A guide

Detail the information of what service the FCO provided abroad and how they provided when you need help. Updated on 17 June 2016.

Visa-free, visa on arrival and electronic travel authorisation list for British National (Overseas)

Includes all the jurisdictions that allow visa-free, visa-on-arrival and electronic authorisation for British Nationals (Overseas).

Visa Free Information by Citizenship 2015

Includes all visa-free, visa-on-arrival and electronic authorisation policy of all jurisdictions by citizenship.

Travel Freedom Index 2015

Is a composite statistic of the number of jurisdiction allowing visa-free, visa-on-arrival, electronic authorisation and refused entry used to rank citizenships.

By Foreign & Commonwealth Office

By BritishHongKong

By BritishHongKong

By BritishHongKong

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