An organisation that fights for full British citizenship and EU citizenship for all British Nationals (Overseas)


We had sent letters to all members of the UK parliament concerning the unfair case of British Nationals (Overseas) and worked with other human rights organisations to seek possibility of filing an appropriate lawsuit in the UK or EU for restoring the right of abode in the UK of BN(O)s.

BritishHongKong was interviewed by Hong Kong Economic Journals in 2009.

A Memorandum was submitted by BritishHongKong concerning the Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill to the Human Rights Joint Committee of the UK Parliament.

A BritishHongKong official response to the Citizenship Review reported by Lord Goldsmith.

A Written Evidence was submitted by BritishHongKong addressing our response to the citizenship review by Lord Goldsmith QC.

BritishHongKong was interviewed by TVB news concerning the effect of Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill to British nationals in Hong Kong.

Interviewed by Hong Kong Economic Journals

Houses of Parliament: Written Evidence

Response to Lord Goldsmith・s Review

Houses of Parliament: Memorandum 2008

Interviewed by TV station in Hong Kong

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Interviewed by Agence France-Presse

House of Commons: Written Evidence

BritishHongKong was interviewed by Agence France-Presse in 2015.

BHK submitted a Written Evidence to the enquiry of :The UK・s relations with Hong Kong: 30 years after the Joint Declaration・ launched by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the UK Parliament.

Interviewed by ABC Internacional

BritishHongKong was interviewed by the Spanish national daily newspaper ABC in 2017.