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BritishHongKong Forum (BHK forum) is a good place where you can ask for opinions in renewing?passports, travelling, studying and working in the UK, EU and overseas. Please note that we are NOT?immigration consultants and we do not provide legal advice. The forum is accessible for registered member only. For security reason, the forum is currently closed for new registration. Please write an email to us if you are interested to be a member.

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Share your travelling experience with your UK passport! We welcome for all experience reports from our members! No request or questioning allowed with new post.

UK Passports Experience

Share your ideas and comments. Everything from your identity, your nationality, your passport, your citizenship issues are welcome here!

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Study, Life and Work in the UK

For understanding British values and cultures, and what it means to be a proud Briton.

Thinking of studying in the UK? Needing someone advice and support? Anything about life and work in the UK.

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