An organisation that fights for full British citizenship and EU citizenship for all British Nationals (Overseas)

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49/12 South Bridge,

Edinburgh, EH1 1DD,

United Kingdom.


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We are independent non-governmental human rights organisation found and registered in Scotland in 2008, (REGISTRATION NUMBER : SC342073), that lobbies on behalf of all British Nationals (Overseas) (BN(O)) of all ethnicities for the basic human rights that we deserved, i.e. full British citizenship and European Union citizenship.

In the past half decade, we handled hundreds of BN(O) cases concerning the difficulties in traveling, living and working abroad.


Aims and Goals

BritishHongKong aims to provide sufficient information for the BN(O)s, in terms of its status and difficulties.

We are appealing to the European Union and the UK government for a reconsideration of the whole British Nationality Law, whether it has reached the 21st century European standard.

We educate BN(O)s what it means to be proud British ?British citizenship education.

We would continue seeking help and legal advice from lawyers and human rights organisations all over the UK and EU, for the benefits of BN(O)s.

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