An organisation that fights for full British citizenship and EU citizenship for all British Nationals (Overseas)

Citizenship of the European Union is supplementary to national citizenship of EU member states and affords rights such as the right to vote in European elections, the right to freedom of movement, settlement and employment across the EU, and the right to consular protection from other EU states’ embassies when a person’s country of citizenship does not maintain an embassy or consulate in the country they need protection in.

However, the UK government declared that only British Citizens, British Subjects with the right of abode and British Overseas Territories Citizens connected to Gibraltar regarded as United Kingdom nationals for European Union purposes, depriving the rights of EU citizenship of British Nationals (Overseas).

British Citizens are former Citizens of the United Kingdom and Colonies (CUKCs) who possessed right of abode under the Immigration Act 1971 through a connection with the United Kingdom and Islands under British Nationality Act 1981.

Rights can vary according to how the British citizenship was acquired. In particular there are restrictions for “British citizens by descent” transmitting British citizenship to their children born outside the UK. These restrictions do not apply to “British citizens otherwise than by descent”.

British Citizens enjoy the right to live and work indefinitely in the UK, EEA member states and Switzerland, while British Nationals (Overseas), nationals of a EU member state, are subject to immigration control.

About BN(O)

British National (Overseas) is one of the six classes of British nationality under British Nationality Law. Holders of this class of nationality are British nationals and Commonwealth citizens without full citizenship right in the United Kingdom. British National (Overseas) status does not grant holders right of abode in anywhere, including the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

The creation of the class of British National (Overseas) was a tailor-made nationality for Hong Kong residents with British Dependent Territories Citizen status by virtue of their connection with Hong Kong. This class of nationality served to retain a relationship with the United Kingdom after the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong to the People’s Republic of China in 1997.

As of 31 December 2016, 152,351 British nationals in Hong Kong held a valid British National (Overseas) passport.

Who is British National (Overseas)?

Who is British Citizen?

Who is EU citizen?

What are we going to do?

Our organisation has a petition to the UK government for resuming British citizenship of British nationals connected to Hong Kong. We are to build up a voice to advise the government on how to bring British Nationality to the 21st Century  European Standard.

We have responded to Lord Goldsmith’s report on citizenship, and the Home Office on immigration reform. Also, we are seeking the possibility of bringing the matter of BN(O)s to the European Court of Human Rights.

There were 3.44 million registered British Nationals (Overseas) in 1997, who do not enjoy the equal rights with British Citizens. However, these British nationals bear the same responsibility as British Citizens do.

UK is the only EU member state that deprived the rights of British and EU citizenship of citizens in overseas territories.

The Treaty on the Functioning of the EU conferred citizenship of EU to any person who holds the nationality of an EU country.

European Court of Human Right in Strasbourg, France.

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